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Choosing the best subwoofers to suit your needs can be hard work. If you want the very best models then you can often expect to pay a small fortune. However, it is possible to find cheap subwoofers if you shop around. The question is, are cheap subwoofers just as good as the more expensive varieties? Some popular brands are: Sony, JBL, Soundstream, Logitech, MTX, Cerwin Vega, Rockford Fosgate, Kenwood, Samsung, Yamaha, Klipsch, Boston Acoustics, Kicker, Pinnacle, Velodyne, JL, Polk Audio, Pyle, Bazooka, Clarion, Pioneer, and Hifonics.

Understanding Subwoofers

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that is typically found in home stereo systems, as well as in cars. They come in a variety of sizes. You can find ones that are between 8 inches and 21 inches in diameter. When shopping for a subwoofer you should look for one that is from 20-200Hz if you are looking for a consumer product subwoofer. If on the other hand you are looking for a professional quality subwoofer, you should look for one that is below 100Hz. Finally if you are looking for THX approved subwoofers then you should look for one that is below 80Hz.

The actual subwoofer itself is created using at least one woofer. These are loudspeaker devices and they produce a low frequency sound. The woofer is inserted into either a plastic or a wood enclosure. They come in a wide variety of designs and you should always be able to find one to suit your taste.

The main reason why subwoofers are so popular today is because they are really easy to install. You can pick one up and install it into your home theatre surround sound system or into your car really easily. The effect that is caused by the subwoofer is a deep base sound. No matter where it is used, it helps to give a little atmosphere.

There are two main types of subwoofers and these include the passive and the powered varieties. Passive subwoofers use an external amplifier to power them up. This type can cause problems as you need an amplifier that can handle the bass of the subwoofer. A powered subwoofer on the other hand is self contained. The amplifier and the subwoofer are compatible and they work perfectly together. These ones will typically be more expensive to purchase but they are worth the money if you can get them.

Finding Cheap Subwoofers

If you are lucky enough to find cheap subwoofers then you should first check the specifications of the model. Some cheap versions will not have all of the features that you want. For example, they may not be powerful enough to create the effect that you are looking for. Therefore before you buy any type of subwoofer, you should have a good idea of what it is that you need.

The Internet does tend to be the best place to look for cheap subwoofers. You can even find top brands at discounted prices. You could also consider purchasing subwoofers on auction websites. These often give you much lower prices than the high street. Even the new products on the sites often come at low prices.

Overall subwoofers can be a great purchase if you want to enhance your home theatre audio capabilities. You just need to ensure that you keep the above factors in mind before you buy any cheap subwoofers.

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