Waterproof MP3 Player

The benefits of MP3 players include the fact that you can listen to your favorite music no matter where you are. This has made them a great purchase for those who love sport and exercise. If you use an MP3 player while you are out jogging for example, it helps to take your mind off the exercise. Many people who go to the gym regularly use MP3 players to get them through their workout routines. However there is one place where an MP3 player cannot usually go with you and that is in the water.

However, manufacturers have come up with a new type of MP3 player that can literally be taken anywhere with you. The waterproof MP3 player enables you to store and listen to music while you are under water.

Understanding Waterproof MP3 Players

The size and design of the waterproof MP3 player enables it to be safely used in swimming pools or even in the bath. When you think about CD players, they were designed to be opened before you used them. This prevented you from being able to submerge them underwater. When standard MP3 players were introduced they were mainly intended to be used at the side of swimming pools while on holiday.

As they progressed, MP3 players became smaller and that enabled developers to waterproof them. It was Oregon Scientific that introduced the first waterproof MP3 player onto the market.

As with most products, each waterproof MP3 player is different. Therefore you will need to consider what you actually need. Think about how often you plan to use the player underwater. You will also need to think about how much music you will want to store. If you have a small music collection then you will be able to get away with the most basic waterproof MP3 player.

However, if you have a large music collection you will need to pay more attention to the specifications before you purchase one. Typically waterproof players are smaller than the average player. This means that they will not store as many songs as the standard version. It could be a good idea to purchase a standard player as well as a waterproof player if you do have a large music collection.

Another factor to consider is how waterproof you need the player to be. This may sound strange as after all, waterproof MP3 players should all be able to go underwater shouldn’t they? What you need to know is that some MP3 players can withstand more water than others. For example, the Speedo waterproof MP3 player can withstand up to 10 feet of water. Another brand however may enable you to take the MP3 player up to 20 feet under the water.

When you are looking at the different features available, a good one to look for is whether the device will float. The Speedo model mentioned above will float if it is dropped. This makes it much easier and safer to retrieve if you do drop it. Would you like the player to easily fix to swimming goggles or your swimming costume? Again, not all waterproof MP3 players will give you this feature.

Before purchasing a waterproof MP3 player, try to compare as many different models as possible. It may help if you read online reviews. That way you will get a good idea of the good and bad points of each player. You will also be able to compare prices online too which could help you to potentially save a lot of money. Overall waterproof MP3 players are worth purchasing if you spend a lot of time in the swimming pool. Take a look online today to see which models are available and the different features on offer.

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