Bosch Dishwasher

If you are looking for a new dishwasher then Bosch is a good brand to look into. Each Bosch dishwasher is designed to a high standard and they are known for their reliability. Another great feature of Bosch dishwashers is that they tend to have a really sleek design. From built in to freestanding and slim line models – whatever space you have available there is a Bosch dishwasher to suit it. Other factors to consider are how to find the lowest cheap prices reading the reviews.

The Bosch Features You Can Expect

Consumers love Bosh dishwaters purely for the many features that the brand has. When you choose a dishwasher in the Bosch range you can expect a variety of handy programmes that will help to make your life easier. A pre rinse for example will help to remove stubborn stains and prevent odors if you plan to leave the plates and cutlery in the dishwasher overnight.

You can also choose from various heat settings. The highest temperature that the dishwasher will reach is 75 degrees. This is through the “Auto Intensive” setting. You should only use this setting for severely burnt pots and pans. What is clever about this setting is that the sensors in the dishwasher adjust the setting depending upon how soiled the pots and pans are. It will choose from temperatures between 65-75 degrees.

If you worry about the environment then you will love the Economy 50 degree setting. This uses less water and a lot less energy. However it doesn’t compromise on the results. Unless you have really burnt on food, you should find that the economy setting is more than sufficient at cleaning your plates and cutlery.

Which Bosch Dishwasher is for you?

When it comes to choosing a Bosh dishwasher, you need to think about your needs. How often do you plan to use the appliance? If you will be using it every day then you will need to choose the most durable one. You should avoid the most basic models if you plan to use it every day.

If space is an issue then you may want to consider the compact dishwasher. It comes in five different colors and it can hold 7 liters of water. Most of the compact dishwashers come with 5 different settings, though the white EXXCEL model has 6 settings available including extra
rinse. It may be a compact machine but it definitely delivers top class results. The compact models will typically fit onto your countertop. You can also purchase built in compact dishwashers in the Bosch range.

If you are looking for an energy efficient dishwasher then you will need to look for the “Green Technology Inside” logo. When this is shown next to a dishwasher description it means that the product is energy efficient. The Dishwasher Logixx ActiveWater model is one of the best energy saving Bosch dishwashers available. It uses around 47% less water and 25% less energy than most other dishwashers.

Getting Support for Your Dishwasher

A great advantage to Bosch products is that they are reliable and they very rarely break down. However, if they do break down and you don’t have an extended warranty, you can easily find help and advice online.

There are websites which allow you to download manuals for the different Bosch dishwasher models. You can also find free tips and advice on the most common problems associated with Bosch dishwashers. Obviously it would be better to take out the extended warranty, but if you can’t afford to then there is other more affordable help available.

When buying a dishwasher, Bosch is an obvious choice. The results that you are left with are fantastic and there is a wide selection of Bosch dishwashers on offer.

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