McIntosh Amplifiers

When it comes to amplifiers, McIntosh Laboratories is one of the leading suppliers to opt for. Known for its high quality products, the company was started in 1949 by a man named Frank McIntosh. The range of McIntosh amplifiers on offer is extensive and they are built to the highest specifications. You will struggle to find better high end audio equipment anywhere else.

These amplifiers have been used in festivals such as the famous Woodstock Festival of 1969.

Understanding McIntosh Amplifiers

McIntosh amplifiers are regarded to be the highest quality amps in the world. The earliest amplifiers such as the MC275 power amplifier and the C22 preamplifier are designed with vacuum tubes. The tubes work by amplifying and changing or creating an electrical signal. This is achieved as the vacuum controls the movement of electrons in a low-pressure space.

When the company was taken over by Clarion in 1990, it was feared that the quality of the amplifiers would then go downhill. However the C39 preamplifier was launched and it was the first THX-Certified system that McIntosh Laboratories had created. THX certified is basically a quality assurance system and it gives you extremely high quality results.

No major changes were made to the products by Clarion as the company was extremely fond of the vacuum tube designs. Then in 2003, Clarion decided to sell to D&M holdings, which was another Japanese company. Therefore the latest McIntosh amplifiers today are designed and created by D&M Holdings.

You will notice that the use of output transformers is what makes McIntosh amplifiers unique from other manufacturers. They are known as Autoformers due to the fact that there is only one winding. This means that it is not really a transformer.

The Best Models Available

If you are looking for the best McIntosh amplifiers then you have quite a few good options. The McIntosh MCC301M Amplifier tends to be one of the most popular ones available. It comes with a double balanced design and gold plated terminals on the outer cover. This particular model features a Low Pass Filter. You can adjust this from 40Hz to 120Hz.

One of the more classic and a pretty expensive McIntosh amplifier is the MC-602 model. It has 600 watt rms per channels and it is often found at prices totaling $8,000. However the quality that you are presented with more than makes up for the cost of this great device. There is an impressive 24 output transistors on each channel and it is balanced fully from input to output. Although it manages to output 600 watts continuously, the amplifier is also capable of doing a lot more than that for short periods of time. The McIntosh power meter situated on the amplifier shows that it can go up to an impressive 2,400 watts.

It doesn’t matter which type of McIntosh amplifier you choose, you will be amazed by the quality of the sound. You should ideally have the best high quality speakers too and they will need to be able to handle the sound that is created! Many people have reported that the amplifier (particularly the MC-602 model), has caused the walls of the building to shake. The power that is created is fantastic and that is why they were used for the Woodstock Festival.

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