Canon Printer Drivers

Are you searching for Canon printer drivers? When you purchase a Canon printer it will typically come with the drivers that it needs on a piece of software. However this isn’t always the case and there may be times when you need to search for the driver yourself. Luckily this can be quite easy when you use the Internet.

What is a Printer Driver?

Printer drivers are basically pieces of software which convert data to suit the specific printer so that it knows what to print. All printers are different and the drivers enable the printer to understand how to print specific documents. Microsoft Word for example, uses the driver to see where the page break needs to be in the document. If you have the wrong driver then the results could end up slightly different to how you expected them to be.

There are different drivers available for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. You will need to ensure that the driver which you download is suitable for your printer as well as your operating system.

Canon Printer Drivers

Canon printers are one of the most popular brands of printers available. The company has been running since 1937 and it is now one of the largest manufacturers of not only printers, but digital cameras, scanners and computers too.

When you type into a search engine, “Canon printer drivers” you will find that there are hundreds of results. The trick is determining which ones are reliable and which one you actually need. Literally every Canon printer has a driver. Therefore you cannot just select the first one that you find. Make sure that you type in your specific model into the search engine for the most relevant results.

If you are unsure as to what the model actually is, then look on the actual printer. There should be a mixture of letters and numbers somewhere written on the printer. If there isn’t then you will need the manual. This will be tricky if you have bought the printer second hand and it didn’t come with a manual! In this case you should try to find a picture of your printer on the Canon website or take it to a local computer store and they may be able to help identify the model.

Downloading Canon Printer Drivers

The Canon website actually has every type of driver that you could possibly need. All of them are free to download. It is definitely a good idea to use the official website as that way you know that you are getting the correct drivers. Some websites which offer free drivers actually download a virus to your computer. Therefore you should always be wary of where you download files from.

Another advantage to the official site is that it asks you which operating system you are using and it lists the printers in a drop down menu. It splits them into categories such as Bubble Jet, Laser Jet and Photo printers. This makes it easier to find the driver that you need. You will also need to select the language that you would prefer. Once you have done that just click on the link to the appropriate driver and the download should start automatically.

Once you have downloaded the driver it should be fairly easy to install. Your computer should pick it up automatically the next time that you run your printer. If it doesn’t then you will just need to locate where the driver was downloaded and then run the file.

Overall it isn’t difficult finding Canon printer drivers. You just need to make sure that you choose a reliable source. The official Canon website is potentially the best place to find the driver that you need.

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